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Terina McKinney – atlanta, ga


Dear BLEST Magazine,

On Dec 7, 2007 I stepped out on faith and left my emotionally abusive husband after 11 years. I instantly became a single mother to our toddler. After a quiet suburban life as a stay-at-home mom, I went back to corporate America and tried to juggle my bills and new emotional and time restraints. Just as I was getting things on track, I was fired from my new "good paying corporate job" because I was a mother and couldn't take business trips abroad at the drop of a dime like my colleagues.

I spent 2 months without a job and could not collect unemployment because I didn't have enough work history in the 18 mos leading up to this point. God later blessed me with a new job in my field and I excelled there for 6 months before being laid-off due to the recession/corporate downsizing. I was now too far behind to catch up on my bills ... Read More!


Jeff McKinnie – westfield, in
Rise and Shine Ministries

Morning Prayer For My Friends

Dear BLEST Magazine,

His Meracies Are New Everyday
Have The Best Day Of Your Life/ Till Tomorrow/ Which I Hope Will Be Even Better/ God Bless You All

Good morning Lord. I am happy you chose to wake me up again. I am grateful to have my eyes to see today. Help me keep them focused on the beautiful things you have created on this earth, Father God. Lead me beside the still waters of your word and refresh me anew, so my spirit can come alive and make a difference on this earth today. Lord I am grateful that my ears can still hear. Help me keep them tuned to the songs of love and praise, not songs of destruction, degradation and despair. Rather those songs are from the radio or internet, or rather those songs come from the perfect pitch of the birds in the trees doesn't really matter to me, Daddy God. I am grateful for the mouth that I still have. As you said let everything that has breathe praise the Lord, I offer my praise to you now with a sincere heart. I am grateful that I have the activity of my limbs, let me use them to help you and others in some form or fashion today. Your word says beautiful are the feet that carry the gospel. I thank you for my beautiful feet. As a matter of fact I thank you for everything that is beautiful in me. You said greater is he that is in us [me] than he that is in the world. I thank you for residing in me Holy Spirit. Thank you for your power, love and soundness of mind. Let this day be full of sunshine, no matter how many dark clouds are outside. Fill my heart with peace and love, till it overflows and touches someone else in my family, on my block, in my community, in my region, in my country, on this earth and in the heavenlys.

This I pray,
In Jesus precious Name, Amen.

— calling by:
Jeff McKinnie

Tantra Zwadi – brooklyn, ny

We live and breathe faithfully and yes, it is sweet!

Dear BLEST Magazine,

Let us move forward then and leave the past behind. Don’t go back and pick up old habits or toxic people that you have already released. Instead, let us live each day inspired as beings in Christ eager to accomplish what has been individually intended for us. Let our intentions echo throughout the universe in a shout of faith replacing fear with the wondrous steps of the Holy Spirit with us and for us. Let us sing songs of joy with meaning, purpose and expectance. Let us rise tomorrow with transformation in our minds and hearts living fully within the Kingdom of God. Prayer is a verb, the active revelation of the Holy Spirit purposely moving in our lives!

So, are you ready to live? I mean really live. Then, let’s do it faithfully by ordering our steps; placing one foot in front of the other. And you know what? We will arrive beautifully, uniquely and remarkably in divine time as living testaments of faith.

Let us live…

calling by:
spoken word artist and performance poet

Gina Cook – atlanta, ga

Life is Wonderful
STILL STANDING! This is My Testimony. . .

Dear BLEST Magazine,

Gina was born into a ministering family which traveled in a motor home from state to state delivering the good news about Christ. Early in her Life she discovered a strong desire to worship through her gift of singing. " Singing was my way of getting through the tough times" she says.

The talent she had became evident very early in her life. Like many families today, her world changed when her parents became divorced. The challenges in her young life began but her faith in God never waivered. She later married Dr. Jeffrey Cook and they have two beautiful daughters.

The walk has been anything but easy yet what was ahead seemed to be the hardest walk of all. She was diagnosed at the age of 31, with Stage Three Breast cancer. After a series of chemotherapy, radiation, Reconstructive surgery and numerous challenging days of pain and fear, she now stands before us healthy and cancer free!

Her testimony is inspirational and through her challenges with cancer she has written heart felt songs such as "Praise you through the pain", "My Butterfly", "Life is Wonderful", and more! She also is writing songs for other Artist as well. Gina says " I never realized how much I had to share until I started writing songs , and I love to tell about my life and others as well through songwriting.I believe it brings healing". Gina loves all types of music and is hoping that through her project she is working on that you will get a rainbow of colors and will be eager to listen to every song. Her music is for everyone that has been hurt, needs hope, and just loves life. She has been on Atlanta Live, and has performed "God Bless America" at the Atlanta Braves game as well. Gina's prayer is that each and every person is touched by her music and will have hope for tomorrow because for her Life is Wonderful!

— calling by:
Gina Cook
gospel vocalist

Judah Myers :


Dear BLEST Magazine,

Life has always been upbeat and fast paced for me. An optimist that sees things logically positive, I live to help others see the joy of life in any situation. My faith in God has been my stability through many hard times. In June 1986 I committed my life to God through Jesus Christ. Having been adopted as a baby helped me to understand being adopted into the kingdom of God. Finding my birth mom would help me to know even more the sacrifice of giving one’s life for another.

I always longed to find my birth mom to express my gratitude for the life I’d been given. I finally obtained information on my mother. The social worker said she had to tell me about the father and proceeded to tell me that my mother had been raped.
Even without the details,the news was devastating.
All the voices I had ever heard in my head of being worthless had returned with proof.

As I sat and cried desperately wondering if I should end it all, the realization came that there was no real choice but one. My life had been bought with the price of another’s – Jesus’.
... Read More!

Benjamin L. M. :


Dear BLEST Magazine,

Grew up in church, Adelaide, Australia. Mum believed. Grew up at the dirt speedway, and in bars. Dad didn’t believe. Both parents valid, neither better than the other. Broken home broke my 10 year old life, my sweet little sister too, she was only 6. My parents could not reconcile God and the world.

Going to church, I never saw this “God” character, but oh my, how everything revolved ‘round Him. They reached out to Him, sang to Him, I would’ve too, I just couldn’t see Him. I need to see to believe.

I used to draw pictures all the time at church. One day, the woman who used to sit next to us saw one of my childish creations and said that I was “demon possessed.” Mum was embarrassed, my sister, being a baby, just said “goo goo, gah gah”, and I was empowered. Any response is better than none. I was coming from a good place. I was possessed by The Lord, not the devil. Still am.

Left church, had enough, never saw God or the love they talked about. Into the abyss of sex and drugs and rock and roll. Left home, refused to work, refused to go to art university, just wanted to be, just wanted to be loose for the first time in my life. So I did. I was legal now, out of home, had my own money, pennies really, nobody could tell me nothin’. I indulgded. I did major explorations into the world of the flesh. Anything, anytime, all the time. Started painting, I loved art, but it got in my way of “living”. Music arrived and slapped me down. Serious concepts arrived, serious music stopped me, concepts I couldn’t ignore, dreams of God, admiration... Read More!

Edward Brabham – atlanta, ga


Dear BLEST Magazine,

I viewed your web page and its very uplifting. I also wanted to send you a quick note; uplifting story about me personally.

In September 10th 2001 at the age of 37; I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. I was young, great shape, no warning signs, so you can imagine it was very devastating to hear that I had cancer. The first day I was very emotional, the previous year I watched my beloved grandmother pass away from the same dreaded disease. I surely thought I would be next. September 11th 2001 – our world came to a halt, another dreaded day for me. I'm from New York and the bombings were personal. So in two days my world appeared to be crumbling all around. Then I thought about the men, woman, children who cherish that day, I realize that I am fortunate and I still have the opportunity to beat and defeat this Cancer.

I recalled asking GOD for guidance and to walk me through this tunnel and give me the strength to win this battle and have the cancer removed. Thankfully the cancer did not spread and the cancer was removed successfully. Its been almost 7 years and I'm Cancer free. I truly thank God for my faith in him and walking with me during my journey.

Thanks to my faith and continuing to believe in him, I walked away from a fulfilling career in corporate America and started my own company Platinum1Travel a full service travel agency.

— calling by:
Platinum1Travel, LLC


Kristi Talyor – pittsburgh


Dear BLEST Magazine:

"I am blessed to have my wonderful handsome hubby and my beautiful son by my side every day!"

— calling by:
Kristi Taylor
Publisher, BE YOURSELF Magazine

Mygnon – atlanta, ga


Dear BLEST Magazine,

Will today be the day that I
Hold up my head?
Will I hunger and thirst for God’s
Word to be fed?
Will my family and friends see a
Change in me now?
Is this the day Lord…
Will you show me... Read More!


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